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CPC initial qualification part 2

Modules 3 and 4 are the final 2 modules thus completing the information for the PCV and LGV drivers CPC.

Module 3 - Driver CPC Practical Test
From 10th September 2008 the current practical on-road driving test is being developed to include an Eco-Safe Driving assessment. Although this will not contribute to the result of the test, during the test the examiner will assess the driver's ability to control the vehicle and plan their drive in an eco-safe manner, if the driver does not do so this will be recorded on the test report form. Further information on eco-safe driving will be handed to the driver at the end of the test.

Actual on-road driving time for all rigid categories will be increased slightly to a minimum of 1 hour. This will give examiners the opportunity to assess a candidate's driving in more varied traffic conditions and on a wider variety of roads.

The vehicle used for this module must comply with Minimum Test Vehicle requirements.

Module 4 - Practical Test
Module 4 is a new practical test focusing on vehicle safety; developed with the support and advice of the industries. During the test a driver will be required to demonstrate his/her knowledge and ability in the areas listed below:

The test consists of 5 questions which cover the Driver CPC syllabus. For each of the questions the examiner will require the driver to demonstrate his/her knowledge in the syllabus areas mentioned above, which could involve he/she carrying out actions such as walking round the vehicle pointing out relevant parts of a vehicle, or demonstrating the use of relevant parts of the vehicle. Each question equals 20% of the overall pass mark. To pass the test an overall score of 80% must be achieved, with a score of at least 15% in each question.

LGV tests will also see the introduction of a new piece of equipment called the 'Load Securing Demonstration Trolley' (LSDT) which will allow the driver to demonstrate his/her ability to secure loads using a variety of methods including ropes, chains, straps, etc. It will be introduced on 10th September 2008 for PCV and on 10th September 2009 for LGV candidates and will last 1/2 hr.

As above the vehicle used for this module must comply with Minimum Test Vehicle requirements.

NVT route
Drivers may only be allowed to drive before obtaining a Driver CPC when they are undergoing a national vocational training course (NVT) of at least six months duration (and within the UK only). In these circumstances, the exemption from Driver CPC will apply for twelve months from the date of licence acquisition or the date of signing onto the NVT.

The driver will be required to complete test modules 2 and 4 to gain their Driver CPC. Module 2 must be taken and passed before module 4 can be taken.

A driver may only use the exemption once.

The driver will NOT acquire their Driver CPC simply by undertaking the NVT.

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