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Instructions in Writing
Drivers are required to carry 'Instructions in Writing' which is a 4 page document that sets out emergency information and emergency equipment. These replace Tremcards but, whereas Tremcards were issued by the sender of the goods, Instuctions in Writing must be issued to drivers by their employers and kept safely by drivers and should be readily available in the drivers cab.

'Instructions in Writing' details are as follows:

Vehicle requirements are;-

For each of the Vehicle Crew:-

Additional items required for certain Classes:-

Classes 2.3 and 6.1:-

For Classes 3, 4.1, 4.3, 8, 9:-

Safety Data Sheets
Sometimes shippers will provide Safety Data Sheets, particularly when transport includes a sea journey. There are 16 Sections to this document, and defines in more detail the hazards and handling requirements of the Product, also First Aid, Spill Procedure and Fire Fighting Measures. Transport Information can be found in Section 14 for Road, Sea and Air Transport. However, it is important to note that drivers should always follow the emergency instructions in the 'Instructions in Writing' and not the Safety Data Sheets.

Shipping Note Dangerous Goods Shipping Note
A Transport Document must accompany the Dangerous Goods for all levels above Limited Quantities. This can be in any format as long as the relevant information is included but a 'Multi-Modal Dangerous Goods Note' (see image) is often the best option, particularly if the transport includes a sea journey.

The transport document must have the following information.

Container Packing Certificate.
The Multi-Modal Dangerous Goods Note includes a Container Packing Certificate, for goods travelling by sea or via the Channel Tunnel. This should be completed by the person loading the vehicle, trailer or container, or the driver only if he has seen and controlled the load loaded and can verify the contents and loading specifications.

This signature declares the following:-

Responsibility of Consignor

Responsibility of Carrier

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