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Goods Vehicle Operator Forms

The tools in your Licensing Armoury
There are many forms that operators will require at some point during their career within the industry. Asides from the obvious application form at the outset, there are forms relevant to those who will become involved in International transport operations.
As is the case with the VOSA Guides within this section, we've provided a brief overview of each with a link to enable you to download the same from within the Transports Friend website, which can be done by either clicking on the image or using the text link provided. All forms are in either pdf or word format.

TIR Application forms

These forms relates to those operators who undertake the international transport of goods under cover of TIR Carnets. This application form is for certification of the vehicle(s) that you as an operator require to be covered and which fulfil the technical requirements as laid down.

Road vehicle subject to individual inspection (GV62)  gv62

Design-Type for a Series of Road Vehicle Load Compartments (GV65)  gv65

Initial Certificate(s) of Approval for Individual Road Vehicles
produced under a Design-Type Authorisation (GV69)  gv65

Variation Certificate Covering Changes to an Authorised Design-Type
Road Vehicle Load Compartment (GV204)  gv65

Commercial Vehicle operator licensing forms


Transfer of Operating Centres - GV72

This form is to be used at all times if an operating centre is to be transferred. However, this form must be completed in full and two factors must be specifically observed in doing so: -
1. To be submitted with a GV79 form (in the case of a new licence application)
2. To be submitted with a GV81 form (in the case of an application to vary a licence)


Application for a Goods Vehicle Operator Licence - GV79

Probably the most well known, the GV79 application form is the first form required for applying for a goods vehicle operators licence. Due to its very nature, it is the most in depth form as its requirements include not only the details of the number of vehicles you are applying for and details about your operating centre, but it also requires details about your business and your employed transport manager or agent. It covers all licence applications, including Restricted, Standard National and International licenses.
There are notes for guidance (GV79G) available to assist in completing this form (see below), these should be used in conjunction with the GV79 to ensure it is completed correctly.

GV79 Advice Note

GV79G Advice Note - Guidance for All Applicants

These guidance notes are for use with the GV 79 Goods Vehicle License Application Form and offer additional guidance on the correct completion of the GV79 Application form.


Application for a Goods Vehicle Licence - Environmental Information - GV79E

For all new licence applications, this form should be completed and submitted with your application. The GV79E concerns the activities which may/may not be carried out at your operating centre and include details such as:-
1. Operating times of your vehicles.
2. Whether any vehicle movements are likely to take place over the weekend period.
3. Whether any maintenance work will be undertaken; the hours of maintenance work; any weekend maintenance activities.

Whereas your application may be granted, if you carry out any vehicle movements/maintenance activities outside of normal working hours (or at weekends) there maybe certain constraints placed upon your licence.


Details of Transport Manager to be Named on a Licence (Standard Licenses only) - (TM1)

In the words at the top of this form, it states quite clearly that a Transport Manager is defined in the operator licensing legislation as:
'an individual who is in, or who is engaged to enter into the employment of the holder of a standard licence and who, either alone or jointly with one or more other persons, has continuous and effective responsibility for the management of the transport operations of the business in so far as they relate to the carriage of goods'


Application to Change Vehicles or Surrender a Licence - GV80

This form does exactly what it says on the box, so it's imperative you read the form through carefully before completing any of the sections. It enables you to surrender your licence, or to remove or add vehicle(s). If you are a holding company, this form also allows you to add or remove subsidiary companies from your licence.
One thing to remember with this form, if you wish to add vehicles to your licence without removing any, you can only do so if you have a margin allowance, if you haven't, you'll need to complete form GV81.


Application to change Type of Operator Licence
and/or Notification of change of Transport Manager (GV80a)

To assist in completing this form, you'll require a copy of the Guide for Operators - GV74. This form (GV80a) covers two functions as follows:-
1. The removal of an existing or addition(s) of professional competent person(s) who are currently employed as Transport Manager or are being proposed as future Transport Manager(s).
2. The change of a Goods Vehicle Operator Licence type. An example of this could be from a Standrad National to a Restricted Licence.


Application for Major Changes - GV81

Should you require to expand your fleet, you will need to satisfy the traffic commissioner of those same requirements as per your initial Operator Licence application as follows:-
1. Sufficient parking facilities at your operating centre.
2. Sufficient resources to justify the commissioner granting the additions to your fleet, which will require bank statements, overdraft facilities and a statement of assets.
3. Notification of any changes in your maintenance frequency.

You'll also need to outline any changes in environmental conditions which may affect the granting of any additions to your licence, and lastly, you'll also be required to advertise your intentions as you did in your original GV79 application.
There are a set of guidance notes to assist in completing the GV81 form - see below.

GV 81 Advice Note - Additional Guidance on Advertising

GV 81 Advice Note - Additional Guidance on Advertising

These guidance notes are for use with the GV 81 Goods Vehicle Major Changes Application Form (above) and offer additional guidance on the advertising process.

Maintenance Agreement

Maintenance Agreement - GOL6

Whether you are making an initial application (GV79) or applying for additional fleets requirements to an existing licence (GV81), you'll need to include a maintenance agreement with the relevant licence application form. VOSA have kindly put together an example of the sort of maintenance agreement that should accompany either of these licence applications which can be downloaded below.


Other downloadable forms and Guides on the VOSA Website

There are many other forms available online of which the above are a selection of the ones that most operators require. To assist in bringing you as much information as possible, the under mentioned links will enable you to find other forms not available here.

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