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Vehicle MOT Test Availability

In 2020 the DVSA issued exemptions to help keep industry moving during the pandemic. As a result, test dates were not evenly spread throughout the year so August, September, October, and November are significantly busier than usual. This will put pressure on the wider industry, including those involved in preparing vehicles for test and maintaining them throughout the year, as well as the capacity available at the Authorised Testing Facility (ATF).

Move your MOT test to May, June, or July

Throughout May, June, and July, the DVSA are expecting much lower test volumes. So Authorised Testing Facility will have more tests available in those months. For your peace of mind, DVSA is advising vehicle owners with test dates in August, September, October, and November to them forward for testing in May, June, or July instead, to avoid the busier months. Doing this will also help you to avoid issues in future years.

Moving tests to quieter months help everyone in the industry:

  • You guarantee your test date
  • The demand for vehicle maintenance and preparation is spread out during the year
  • Authorised Testing Facility can manage the demand better
  • DVSA can get the right levels of staff to Authorised Testing Facility

Check Authorised Testing Facility Availability

You can now find out if your local ATF or nearby sites have test availability here

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