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LKW WALTER AG - AT-2355 Wiener Neudorf, Austria

Our Core Business is the organisation of full truck loads by road and in Combined Transport throughout Europe and to/from Russia, Central Asia, the Middle East and North Africa. A constantly increasing transport volume requires innovative transport solutions which reduce effects on climate change and cope with fluctuating fuel prices. Since 1984 LKW WALTER has carried out pioneering work in the development of Combined Transport by rail/road or in short sea shipping.

LOADS TODAY is a return loads platform created and run by LKW WALTER Internationale Transportorganisation AG. It offers return loads from Europe, Russia, Central Asia, the Middle East and North Africa and is 100% free of charge. There is also an app version of the online platform for conveniently finding a load whilst “on-the-go”. The link to the LOADS TODAY platform is here -

Additional Information: Our customers - major international companies, as well as medium and small sized enterprises across Europe - place more than 4,500 orders for full truck loads (FTL) with us daily. Benefit from a partnership with LKW WALTER too.
Phone: +43 5 7777-0       Fax: ++3 5 7777-33
Email: [email protected]       Web:
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