Driver Risk Assessment & Monitoring

Driving on company business is one of the most dangerous activities you do at work. So, it's vital that organisation identifies the risk drivers face whilst driving on work-related activities and should consider this risk in their policy and procedures by implementing as a minimum a driver e-learning course, just like any other training they would provide for their employees - ask yourself what is this difference?

With 1 in 4 road traffic accidents involves someone who is driving for work, isn't it essential that businesses begin to focus on driver behavior, driving skills and look to prioritise learning, and implement monitoring to support better business outcomes for drivers and the company and its liabilities? 

To address this problem Road Risk Manager offers accessible online risk and training tools that far cheaper than an in-vehicle training scheme. Let's start with an online driver risk assessment, so you know what you are dealing with first. Drivers will tell you they are fine and they have been driving for many years and have a lot of experience and that is true, but you have a responsibility to know for a fact that it is true by accessing the driving ability in some way.

driver risk assessement and training

If your driver is a competent driver and passes the assessment, you spent a few pounds confirming that this is the case and you have evidence to them individually that you care about their wellbeing and have evidence of driving assessment if any legal proceeding that may follow if things go wrong.

It's what you do next is important, those drivers that have good driving competencies are less likely to create problems later providing you implement regular monitoring at least once a year along and frequent licence checks to ensure significant behaviors have not changed. Therefore, no further training required.

However, what happens if some drivers don't perform so well in the assessment, usually this is a concern so what needs to happen? Firstly your organisation needs to understand what needs improvement, and its improvements you should focus on and not that they failed a test or are bad drivers.

We all look to improve and driving is no different so our online packages provide the entire risk assessment and feedback training for Cars, Van LGV, PCV including trailers 24/7 very cost-effectively.  Visit our website for your driver risk assessment and training