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Notice Forms and the Esdal Project

The Highways Agency has developed a free website designed to make route sketching and notifications easier. The Electronic Service Delivery for Abnormal Loads project (ESDAL) will ultimately automate the process making it faster, secure and user friendly.

ESDAL stands for 'Electronic Service Delivery for Abnormal Loads' It is a new system that simplifies the process of notifying abnormal load movements. Legislation requires that vehicles and load movements that exceed standard dimensions need to be pre-notified to police, highway and bridge authorities, a process that currently involves millions of faxes being sent every year. ESDAL is streamlining this process using the latest technology, providing welcome relief to everyone involved in the movement of abnormal indivisible loads.

ESDAL - General Overview
Using ESDAL's innovative mapping system, Hauliers can easily identify the route they need to take, and get full details of all the organisations they will need to notify before making the movement. It can be accessed by Structure Owners, Police, Road Agents and authorities who will be able to manage incoming notifications using this web-based system. Hauliers will be able to deliver fully compliant notifications with just a few clicks of a mouse, a faster and more accurate system of notification.

The ESDAL project is comprised of essentially four parts:

Access to ESDAL is free. Operators can register to use the system with no charge and ongoing use will be free of charge. Further information can be obtained by visiting

Points of Contact - Guidance
Notification may be required by the Police, Highways Agency, Other Authority with direct or delegated responsible for maintenance of roads or bridges and the DfT. It is not possible to provide contact addresses for all those to whom individual notification is required. However, we have replicated the Dept for Transport guidance points of contact below.

For points of contact to notify the relevant authorities and further enquiries please contact:

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Notification Process for C&U and STGO
The following procedural process is applicable in all cases:

C&U and STGO

Special Order

Special Order Process

Downloadable Forms
The links below will take you to the relevant forms for download and also to the Esdal website for further information.

Esdal Website
Guide to Making abnormal Load Movements  pdf
Aide Memoire for Notification Requirements  pdf
Form BE16 - Vehicle Details for Special Orders  pdf
Form VR1 - Application for Abnormal Load Movements  pdf
Notice to Police and to Highway and Bridge Authorities  pdf
Form of Notice to Police  pdf
Form of Indemnity  pdf

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