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One of the sections under the Road Traffic Act of 1988 requires that all movements concerning STGO (Authorisation of Special Types) General Order 2003 notify the relevant authorities especially the Police. The section under RTA where this order is made is Section 44.

The following referes to the notification requirements and includes a table indicating whether Attendants and Markers for the load and vehicle are required

Police Notification Requirements
All vehicle and load movements permitted by article 12(1), 13(2), 14(3), 17(3), 23(2), 24(4), 31(3), 38(2), 39(2) and 48(2) of the order which exceed the specified width, length and weight limits will require Police notification in accordance with Schedule 5; as will any vehicle or combination of vehicles and or load permitted by articles (Special Types Order 2003) which weigh more than 80,000 kgs.

The notice to Police should be of two days clear notice in the prescribed form (see below) and must be given to the police in every district through which the vehicle is to pass if:

Important Points
It is important to note here the following:

The following information is to be provided by the user of the vehicle and in the format indicated. One form for vehicles with axle weights within C&U or AWR limits "form of notice to the police" and one form for all others "Notice to Police and to Highway and Bridge Authorities".
If a form is produced and transmitted by electronic mail via a PC it may be varied in accordance with the specific operational needs of a particular police force but must still contain all details listed in the points below. The following information is required by Schedule 5 of the STGO 2003.

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The notice must be in a form acceptable to the recipient and should be agreed by both parties; and must contain:

The form of notice required by the Police can be downloaded below or a copy obtained from the Highways Agency ESDAL website.

Notice to Police Form pdf

Table of Information
The following table gives an overview of vehicle weights/dimensions, notice period and whether attendants or markers are required. Included also is the requirement as to whether or not notification is required by the relevant road and bridge authority.

Vehicles dimension or weight
limit of application
Police notice Road and bridge
Working days
and markers
Any maximum plated axle weight over 10,000 kgs or 11,500 kgs for drive axle   Yes 2 days  
Any maximum plated motor vehicle weight over -
18.000 kgs 2 axle
26,000 kgs 3 axle
32,000 kgs 4 axle
40,000 kgs 5 axle
44.000 kgs 6 axle
(44,000 kgs 5 axle) (combined transport operation only)
  Yes 2 Days  
Any maximum plated weight over 80,000 kgs Yes 2 days Yes 5 days with indemnity Form 2 or 5 days  
Width of load or vehicle over 3 metres Yes   2 days  
Width of load or vehicle over 3.5 metres Yes   2 days Yes
Width of load or vehicle over 4.3 metres or 5 metres if Abnormal Indivisible Load Vehicle (AILV), requires formal Department for Transport VR1 Order Yes Notice required by individual vehicle registration movement order 5 days from receipt of formal order  
Width of any lateral projection over 305 millimetres either side of vehicle body Yes   2 days Markers only required
Length of vehicle or load over 18.75 metres (includes articulated vehicles) Yes   2 days Yes
Length of a combination of vehicles carrying the load over 25.9 metres Yes   2 days Yes

Forms to Download
The following information is available for download from the Department for Transport website.

Information regarding Indemnity - Dept for Transport
Police attendants and markers (at a Glance) - Dept for Transportpdf
Police AIL load Diagram - Dept for Transportpdf

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