Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor - DGSA

As a result of EC Directive 96/35/EC, undertakings involved in the transport and physical loading of dangerous goods have been required to appoint qualified Dangerous Goods Safety Advisers (DGSA) since 1 January 2000. Employers (including the self employed) who load or transport dangerous goods beyond the thresholds laid down in the regulations need to appoint a safety adviser to guide them on the legal, safety and environmental aspects of the transport of dangerous goods.

Chapter of ADR, defines the act.
"Each Undertaking, the activities of which include the carriage, or the related packing, loading, filling or unloading, of dangerous goods by road, shall appoint one or more safety advisers for the carriage of Dangerous Goods, responsible for helping to prevent the risks inherent in such activities, with regard to persons, property and the environment."

ADR Documents Duties of the DGSA
The duties of the DGSA are many fold, which include primarily:-

The DGSA will retain records of training and is required:-

Other duties include:-

This is not an inclusive list but serves as an indication of the duties of a DGSA

The DGSA will have passed an examination, from which he/she will receive a Certificate for 5 Years. After that Time the DGSA will have to re-sit the Examination to renew their certificate.

Further Reading
As stated elsewhere, ADR is a lengthy and complex subject and requires professionally qualified people to deal with the complexities involved. Please use the links below for further information pertaining to ADR and the role of a DGSA.

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