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Law Enforcement

We all have an interest in whether traffic law is appropriate, and whether it is appropriately enforced. Everyone uses the roads, and most of us use them in a variety of ways - as drivers, passengers, pedestrians or cyclists. We need a legal framework which allows all road users to coexist safely and efficiently, and gives appropriate weight to the desire of users of motorised transport to reach their destination quickly and efficiently, while safeguarding the interests of other road users.

Bad driving is not victimless. In 2014, there were 1,775 reported road deaths, an increase of 4% compared with 2013. The result of this is that pedestrians and cyclists are deterred from using streets which are dominated by cars travelling at unsafe speeds. Children have their freedom curtailed, and bad driving makes life more difficult for motorists themselves. Regardless of the risks of injury, there is ample evidence that traffic would flow more freely if speed limits and road regulations were generally observed.

The following provides the number of personal-injury road traffic accidents in Great Britain that were reported to the police for 2014.

To view the full statistics for 2014, please click on the link below:

Transport Accidents and Casualties 2014 - DftPDF logo
Statistical Source - Department for Transport

The worst years for recorded accidents and casualties were 1965 and 1966. The fact that casualty figures (some 40 years later) show a marked reduction may be viewed as an improvement, especially considering that the distance travelled by all vehicles today is 4 times greater. However, consider also the reasons why less people are injured in RTA's than they were 50 years ago, and it has little to do with improvements in driving standards.

Road casualties have fallen for several reasons, most notably due to:

This section of the site has been designed to assist Operators and Drivers alike. It is hoped that the information contained within these pages gives a better understanding of Law Enforcement and the logical reasoning behind it and by observing common sense practices, the figures carnage we, far too often read or see in the media, can be reduced in terms of its content. Alternatively, we can continue witnessing the unecessary carnage on our roads as is depicted in the images below.

Road Traffic Accidents

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