Side Guards

Construction and Use Regulations 1986 refer to Rear and Side Protection for Goods Vehicles under Regulations 49 and 51. Regarding the maintenance of sideguards, regulation 52 states that a sideguard must:

Required fitment
Sideguards must be fitted to the following vehicles:

Trailer Sideguards 1. in the case of an articulated vehicle with plated train weight of more than 32,520 kgs, to the semi-trailer if its plated gross weight exceeds 26,000 kgs, it was manufactured before 1 May 1983 and the distance between the foremost axle and the centre of the kingpin (the rearmost kingpin if there is more than one) exceeds 4.5 metres;


2a. a motor vehicle exceeding 3,500 kgs maximum gross weight first used on or after 1 April 1984;

2b.a trailer (including a semi trailer) with unladen weight exceeding 1,020 kgs, manufactured on or after 1 May 1983

In the case of a motor vehicle covered by 2a, or a drawbar trailer covered by 2b, the requirement only applies if the distance between any two axles exceeds 3 metres. In the case of a semi-trailer covered by 2b, the requirement only applies where the distance from the foremost axle to the centre of the kingpin (as defined in 1), exceeds 4.5 metres. Semi-trailers with driven wheels must be fitted with sideguards.

Trailer Sideguards Exempt from Fitment
The following vehicles are exempt from having sideguards fitted:

The diagram below shows a a trailer with sideguards attached, the dimensions specific to the construction and fitment of the sideguards represented by the letters on the diagram can be found on the list below.

Side Guard

Important Points
The top of the side guard must be a minimum of 1.5 metres from the ground. However, in the case of concrete mixers (Where this dimension is not achievable), the distance is 1 metre.
It should also be noted, that from the forward edge of the sideguard (nearest point to the landing legs), the distance to the kingpin should be a maximum distance of 3 metres.

It is also important to note, that the regulations say it is only necessary to satisfy the specification 'so far as is practicable' in the case of:

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