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The many problems that most operators face today is that their working lives are dictated by legislation in one form or another, which appears to manifest itself as a never ending high hurdle race - just when you thought you'd cleared the last hurdle, another appears.

Locating information pertaining to commercial goods vehicles and passenger carrying vehicles can be extremely difficult and time consuming. An example of the dificulties here is the Construction and Use Regulations, which became law on 11th August 1986. The original Regulations have undergone frequent amendments to the many seperate regulations that go to make up the full Act since it came into force, which means that when looking into a specific amended regulation, you'll always be referred back to the original, which (unless you have a copy) can prove confusing.

The introduction of this section is to bring together some insight into the legislation that governs your operation and the required actions of your staff. The information to be found here has been extracted from the regulations listed below, which include:

  • Road Vehicles (Authorised Weight) Regulations 1998
  • Road Vehicles Lighting Regulations 1989
  • Road Traffic Act 1988
  • Construction & Use Regulations 1986
  • Builders' Skips (Markings) Regulations 1984

Over the coming months this section will be expanded and updated (as new amendments to the regulations come into force). Where applicable we will re-write and add to the current pages here, with the C&U pages here forming the start of a new Section.
Other topics discussed here will therefore be placed within a seperate section and also expanded upon.

Transports Friends aim is to continually bring you pertinent information across all sections on this website, which we trust you'll find useful and informative.

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