Road Vehicle Construction & Use Regulations (C&U)

The Road Vehicle Construction and Use Regulations 1986 is broken down into many parts. In this section 5 different areas are covered as listed below.

Braking Systems

Braking Systems - Construction and Use Regulations 1986 cover braking systems under regulations 15, 16, 18(1), 19 and 87.

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Definitions and Categories

Definitions and Categories - When reading any legislation, there are always terms laid out and referred to. These have been included as a general guide.

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Dimensions & Manoeuvrability

Dimensions & Manoeuvrability includes the Length, Width and Height of motor vehicles but there are exemptions to these requirements.

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Vehicle Emissions

Vehicle Emissions - Road Vehicles (C&U) Regulations 1986 sets out the regulations on Smoke Emissions and Noise; combined these regulations deal with Pollution Control.

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Vehicle Axles

Vehicle Axles - The maximum permissible weights and dimensions of goods vehicles in the UK have traditionally been set out in the Road Vehicles (C&U) Regulations 1986.

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