Construction & Regulations

The Road Vehicle Construction and Use Regulations 1986 is broken down into many parts. In this section, a further 5 parts are included in addition to others listed on the site.


Committing a Construction & Use 1986 Offence are dealt with under sections - 41A, 41B, 41C, 41D and Regulation 42 of the Road Traffic Act.

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Inside the Vehicle Cab

Under C&U regulation, inside the vehicle cab carries many vital elements that must be maintained to remain inside the law.

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Mirror & Glass

Every goods vehicle must have two mirrors, one externally on the offside and the other either internally or on the nearside externally.

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Rear Under-Run Bars

Rear under-run protection bars should be fitted as close to the rear as practicable possible and must not be further forwards than 400mm from the rear.

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Seat Belts

There is much to be learned from the Construction and Use Regulations (1986) relating to Seatbelts and their Anchorage points.

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