Vehicle Construction & Road Use Regulations

The Road Vehicle Construction and Use Regulations 1986 is broken down into many parts, in this section, there are 5 different areas that are covered below;


Side Guards

Construction and Use Regulations 1986 refer to Rear and Side Protection for Goods Vehicles under Regulations 49 and 51.

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Speed Limiters

From 1 January 2007 additional HGV & LGV Goods vehicle types came into scope under-speed limiter legislation, this included goods vehicles over 3.5 tonnes

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Spray Suppression

Regulation 64 Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations 1986 states that suitable spray suppression equipment should be fitted on each axle.

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HGV Trailers

Heavy Goods trailers come in many shapes and sizes which will depend upon the operational activity they were designed for so seek out the regulation.

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A goods vehicle, bus or trailer must be equipped with tyres designed and maintained to support the maximum axle weight for each axle at specified speeds.

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