Rear Under-Run

Regulation 49 of the Construction and Use Regulations (1986) specifics Rear Under-Run Protection, with Regulation 50 concluding the maintenance of the same.

Regulation No 58 of the Economic Commission for Europe of the United Nations (UN/ECE) - Uniform provisions concerning the approval of:

Requirement and Fitting
Rear under-run bar is to be fitted as close to the rear as practicable and must not be further forwards than 400 millimetres from the rear of the vehicle. The maximum width (without rear sideguards) is to be no more than the outermost edge of the outermost tyre, with the minimum width of 100 millimetres.

Rear Under-Run
  • is a Minimum of 100 millimetres;
  • is the maximum distance from the ground (when unladen) being 550 millimetres

A rear under-run protection device is required to be fitted on:

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Trailer Under Run Bar This regulation does not apply to:

EU Requirements Rear Under-Run with under slung tail lift
Where rear under-run protection is required, it must generally satisfy the specification in EU Directive 221/1970, as amended by EU Directive 490/1979. The specifications within the directive are lengthy and concern vehicle manufacturers. However, where operators are concerned, note should be taken regarding serious problems that may arise if the vehicles operated have:

Tail lifts
In the case of vehicles fitted with a tail lift, bodywork or other part that makes it impracticable to fit a rear under-run protective device satisfying the specification, it is permissible to fit one or more devices which do not protrude beyond the overall width of the vehicle (excluding any part of the device or devices).
The specification here is that if more than one device is fitted, the gap between the devices must not exceed 50 centimetres, and also the gap from the outermost device to the outermost edge of the vehicle should not exceed 30 centimetres.

Demountable bodies
In the case of demountable body outfits, the regulations amend some of the measurements, so that fitting a rear under-run device to a vehicle does not interfere with the operation of the demountable body equipment.

Where a trailer with a single axle or two close-coupled axles, the height of 550 millimetres referred to as the height from the underside of the device to the ground (see graphic at top of page) is measured when the coupling of the trailer to the vehicle by which it is drawn is at the height recommended by the manufacturer of the trailer.

Maintenance of the Device
Every device fitted to a vehicle in compliance with the requirements of regulation 49 shall at all times when the vehicle is on a road be maintained free from any obvious defect which would be likely to affect adversely the performance of the device in the function of giving resistance in the event of an impact from the rear.

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