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Digital Driver Cards

There are 4 types of Digital Tachograph card:- A Drivers Card (the drivers personal card), A Company Card (For use by the Operator), A Workshop Card (only available to approved Calibration Centres) and a Control card (for use by VOSA and the Police - the enforcement authorities). However, we've devoted this page purely to Driver Cards.

For further information on Digital Tachographs and how they function, please visit the Digital Tachographs page within this section of the site, where you'll also find links to further information.

For further information regarding Company cards, please visit the Responsibilities of Operators page within this section of the site.

Driver Cards and records
It is a legal requirement for a digital tachograph-equipped vehicle driven in scope of EU rules that the driver must use a driver card. If the vehicle is used without a card being inserted, the system will not prevent the vehicle from being driven, but the VU will record the fact that the vehicle has been used without a card.
Drivers may only be in possession of one driver's smart card, and must never use anyone else's card or allow another driver to use their card.

When driving a vehicle that is equipped with a digital tachograph, drivers should:

Key Information
Key Information
Mode switch default: Note that digital tachographs will default to recording 'other work' for driver 1 and 'availability' for driver 2 when the vehicle stops, and drivers must use the mode switch correctly to ensure that rest and break periods are recorded correctly.

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be able to produce at the roadside:

Digital Tachograph Drivers Card How to apply for driver cards
You can get application forms and assistance from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) by calling 0870 850 1074. If you want to order more than one driver pack, fax the request on company headed paper to DVLA on 01792 783525. Alternatively, forms should be available from local DVLA offices and VOSA test stations. DVLA will accept payment for up to 25 driver card applications on one company cheque.
In Northern Ireland, application forms are available from DVLNI (call 0845 402 4000) and test centres of the Driver and Vehicle Agency (DVA).

Lost, stolen or malfunctioning driver cards
Article 16 EEC 3821/85 states that if a driver card is damaged, malfunctions or is lost or stolen, the driver shall, at the end of his journey, print out the information relating to the periods of time recorded by the recording equipment and mark on that document the details that enable him to be identified (the driver card number and/or name and/or driving licence number), including his signature.

If a driver card is damaged or if it malfunctions, the driver shall return it to the competent authority of the Member State in which he has his normal residence. Theft of the driver card shall be the subject of a formal declaration to the competent authorities of the State where the theft occurred.

Loss of the driver card must be reported in a formal declaration to the competent authorities of the State that issued it and to the competent authorities of the Member State of normal residence where they are different. The diver may continue to drive without a driver card for a maximum period of 15 calendar days or for a longer period if this is necessary for the vehicle to return to its premises, provided he can prove the impossibility of producing or using the card during this period.

Where the authorities of the Member State in which the driver has his normal residence are different from those which issued his card and where the latter are requested to renew, replace or exchange the driver card, they shall inform the authorities which issued the old card of the precise reasons for its renewal, replacement or exchange. (See also Digital Tachographs)

What is Recorded on a Drivers Digital Card?
The information recorded on a Drivers Digital Card (other than the drivers duty data it collects) are:

The data it then stores is as follows:

The Importance of Training
There's no argument here, training your staff is fundemental in ensuring that they carry out their roles in a safe, efficient and professional manner. With respect to you all, we are aware that you are more than capable of training your staff in both Analogue and Digital Tachograph use. However, bolt onto this the need to effectively train and educate your staff on the current legislative requirements requires a lot more effort than simply imparting to them the knowledge and importance of the 4.5 hour rule.

There are 'Horses for Courses', with many excellent companies out there specialising in this aspect of training need. These companies have the facilities, are well prepared to meet the needs of large (or small) groups of your staff and are well versed in ensuring that your staff return to their roles better prepared to maintain your company image, leaving you with better tools to spearhead your company operation to the benefit of the bottom line.

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